Top well-known running shoes brand products

Arthur gelfeatherglide series

One of the top four running shoes brands, nature is guaranteed. Gelfeather glide 3 racing shoes, this series we may sound strange, but has been upgraded to the third generation of the product also shows the brand of its attention, it is in the buffer effect and stability have been improved, the whole The end of the relatively flat, and more than the previous generation to design a wider, coupled with the asymmetry of the upper to enhance the tuning, can provide a more obvious to the runners of the package and stability.

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Salomon S-LAB SONIC third generation of small red shoes is a good racing running shoes. The third generation of small red shoes soles design compared to the previous generation, more concise, part of the arch through the 3D PROFEEL FILM to achieve support for the transition, the material compared to the general training shoes hard plastic sheet (TPU) lighter, the whole shoe only 220 G or so, be considered featherweight running shoes in the top grade.

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The same as one of the four top running shoes brand, the new New York running shoes retro fashion, attracting a lot of young people of all ages. Today Xiaobian to recommend to everyone is Fresh Foam Zante series. Many people say that the Zante series is an upgraded version of 980, but this is a pair of outcry racing shoes. And Fresh Foam Zante V2 features based on large data research and development, which reduces the weight of the shoe body, so that the overall lighter, more rebound, feedback more quickly.
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